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GeoHappiness Measuring

may art
measure happiness?

GHM is:

a first attempt to anonymously collect data on people’s happiness


create an emotional map that helps us to investigate the relationship between individual, territory and happiness.

what can we do

to look for new expressions of social happiness in the relationship between the human and the territory?

is it possible

to overcome the logic of purchase as the only or main measure of contentment, also giving value to other life experiences?

The first interactive installation that investigates
the relationship between territory
and the representation of happiness.

Our life is increasingly based on algorithms that help politicians, entrepreneurs, scholars, ordinary people to make decisions.

Underlying these decisions are data collections (big data) that increase collecting our network clicks, our purchases with loyalty cards in supermarkets, our credit card payments and so on.

We are rarely aware of generating data and we often do so in relation to activities based on the purchasing system and the creation of economic value.

Measurement of intangible and intimate elements is more difficult.

an artistic

Like many manifestations of human creativity,
GeoHappiness Measuring does not in itself claim to be scientific,
but we would like it to be an incentive to deepen our self,
the place we live in, the emotionality of those around us.

an idea by:

Michele Cremaschi

interaction developing

Digital performer; it combines physical theater, digital languages and active citizenship to feel the scene as an extension of one’s daily battles. In 2018 he was an artist residing at Le Granit (Belfort, France) for a research project on transmediality within the L-EST project.

Renzo Francabandera

razionale artistico

Journalist, art critic and theater, professor of Aesthetics of the Movement at the University of Turin. He makes illustrations, covers for publishing and works as a live performer. He has undergone training projects on the languages of contemporaneity and performative art throughout Italy.


Download the project presentation with the description of the installation. Customized customizations are possible on specific request.

emotive openata

The installation produces the first sets of sentimental opendata ever generated

Palo del Colle (BA)

View the data produced by the inhabitants of Palo del Colle (BA) collected during Rigenera Festival (September 2018)