10nov2013: Workshop by Iduun


10 novembre 2013 ore 10-17,30 – Teatro Sociale di Bergamo, via Colleoni 4, Bergamo Alta.

In the progam of “Casa delle Arti” dell’Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Bergamo.

held by IDUUN


The workshop will have two sections:

Discovering real time mixing video & mapping.
Based on the tools used and developed by iduun, we will introduce real
time mixing video and mapping interactions, and create a small project
using Millumin, the software dedicated to audiovisual shows.Then, the
audience will be invited to use two different surfaces (Monome and
Makey-Makey) to control and to create interactions with video.

Live audio sound effect or bruitage.
Based on the technics of the foley artists and on the show Kadâmbini,
the audience will discover how to make low tech sound to create sounds
effect that seems real. Then, we will introduce how everything works
using Ableton Live.Then the audience will be invited to create their
own sounds, based on a extract of the show.


Workshop held in english and french.

Every partecipant will need its own laptop.

To take part, fill this form by 3 november.

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