Vita Nerd

    One of the virtues of Nerd Cabaret is that it applies technology to the service of narrative-dramaturgic function and not mere virtuosity. – PAC PaneAcquaCulture

    Perfect comic timing and an enviable knack for improvisation –

    Has the merit of driving us to serious reflection with a smile, exhorting us to open our eyes. – L’Eco di Bergamo

    A comedy show that presents the changes humans have been forced to endure in the last thirty years under the invasion of digital devices. A nerd has observed it all, in hopeful expectation of all the promises these inventions will fulfill but  inevitably facing the disappointments they bring. An amusing farce on the digital solitude that these devices have brought to our lives, the mise-en-scene makes ample use of digital technology in developing the story with humor and a dash of magic at the same time. At least up to the final moment of catharsis, that is. Our Nerd aims to show us that technology is actually capable of keeping its grandiose promise  – we’ll all be able to work less!  –  he has come to us, in fact, vowing to perform two shows simoultaneusly in the time it takes to do just one.


    Photo gallery

    photoes by Marco Riva