Slapsus – Lorenzo Baronchelli, Michele Cremaschi, Pier Frugnoli and Manuel Gregna is an artistic nucleus formed in 1999, active till 2012. Throughout their working experiences they have been greatly influenced by the teachings of Pierre Byland. They have always adopted the language of visual comedy and producing comical sketch shows without linguistic or age barriers they stage situations in which language is either superfluous or avoided.


  • 1999 – ViaVai
  • 2001 – Synphonia
  • 2006 – FairPlay


  • TV show “Zelig”, 2008, Canale 5 (Italian national TV).
  • TV show “Zelig off”, 2008, Canale 5
  • TV show “Circo Massimo Show”, RAI 2,  2007 (Italian national TV).
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2006
  • TV show “BRA – Braccia Rubate all’Agricoltura”, RAI 3,  2003, (Italian national TV).
  • Winner of “Prix de la Presse” at 2003 festival du Rire in Rochefort, Belgium;
  • Since 2001: tours in Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, UK and Spain.