Méliès & me

    by and with Michele Cremaschi
    realtime programming, interactive design Andrea Cremaschi
    scenes Silvio Motta
    costumes Elisabetta Cosseddu
    mìse en scene collaboration Umberto Zanoletti
    photoes Marco Riva
    production Residenza Teatrale InItinere
    supported by Fondazione Cariplo – Bando Être, Consorzio del Parco dei Colli di Bergamo
    Artistic residencies
    – International Street theatre Festival “Feste in Costa”, Bergamo, april 2011;
    – LPM – Live Performers Meeting, Roma, may 2011;
    – International Street theatre Festival “La luna nel pozzo”, Caorle, september 2011;
    – Residenza Teatrale InItinere, Bergamo, january-june 2012
    – Teatro Sociale, Bergamo, march 2012.

    When Méliès first encountered the cinema, it was still a young technology that even its own inventors – the Lumière Brothers – didn’t give much chance of surviving. Méliès was the one who combined passion for technical experimentation with a vision of the future and laid down the “rules” of writing for the cinema and demonstrated all its potential.

    Today’s technology lets us review the entire movie-making production process in the blink of an eye. Filming, montage, superimposure, editing, and projection can all be done and produced in real time, creating under the name “live cinema” an entirely new breed of live performance.

    We like to imagine what Méliès would have done with these tools in his hands and how much they would have served his fervid imagination. Just look what he accomplished with the rudimentary cameras and implements of his day! We like to think he would have canonized the rules of movie writing and developed a new language. More than anything else, we like to think how all this would have offered a new way for him to bring his fanta-science dreams, his most disturbing nightmares, and perhaps even his utopian ideas of the 21st century to the silver screen.


    photo by Marco Riva.