EU ViSet project is starting


I am very pleased to announce that the ViSet project, a new EU-funded project in the field of “virtual stage sets”,  was approved for funding from the Creative Europe programme. Our project is among 4 selected out of 62 projects that were submitted by Italian lead partners; it is one of 37 selected out of 337 submitted across Europe. I thank the lead partner (LABA Academy of Fine Arts – Brescia) and project partners: Pacificstream of Liverpool (England), Kulturanova and FAM of Novi Sad (Serbia), Konic Theatre of Barcelona (Spain). We’ll produce a show based on virtual sets in 2015  and then tour it in the partner’s festivals. We’ll surely go deeper in the path started with “Augmented Pinocchio” interactive holographic set; and I meet again LABA and Silvio Motta, already important partner in Pinocchio’s adventure.

What’s ViSet project

ViSet will promote cutting-edge digital technologies for the arts, in order to demonstrate the many social, economic, commercial and cultural advantages of these technologies for the arts. We will do so by promoting the use of virtual stage sets in performing arts, including the use of interactive technologies, Virtual and Augmented Reality and remote-controlled applications. We will create a network of cultural operators that are capable of using new technologies for the performing arts (“providers”) linked in an online community with interested stakeholders such as festival organisers and theatres (“users”).

OBJECTIVES: demonstrate that these technologies enhance the aesthetics and overall cultural experience; can encourage the creativity of artists and cultural operators by opening new technical possibilities; increase international cooperation and markets in the creative sector (not limited by linguistic barriers, or transport issues, and driven by tech-savvy people with a generally international outlook); can create and diversify cultural career possibilities;  can assist in audience development by easily bringing the performances to the audience (rather than vice-versa) and by attracting the interest of today’s young generation.

ACTIONS: concretely this will take the form of 4 co-produced performances, prepared through distance cooperation and direct workshops. The latter will also be open to numerous local students and professionals in 4 countries. After the production process, we will focus on audience & market development, creating awareness and promoting take-up of the technologies by final beneficiaries (i.e. visitors as well as organisers of cultural performances and events). This will be based on a tour of the performances to the 4 participating countries in 4 dedicated festivals, with effective side-events, and a Europe-wide communications, dissemination and networking plan which builds on the examples of excellence of our four performances.  The partners are from UK, Spain, Italy and Serbia.