“Vita Nerd” promo video is online

NC teaser 2.2 senza giardino screenshot

Watch the promo!

sat3 / sun4 oct 2015 Workshop “QLab3 and digital live show control”

We’ll explore recent digital technologies born for theatre, dance, VJing and live show. We’ll learn to use powerful softwares for live events control. We’ll experiment hardware interfaces and sensors born to interact with movements happening on the stage, aiming to create an interaction between actions and multimedia settings. We’ll discover interactive possibilities between actor, interfaces […]

sat11oct2015: “Playing with myself” – video theatre lab for actors, dancers and performers

foto progetto 2
for actors, dancers, performers, directors. An actor on stage. One camera records him. Reproject its action behind him. We can modify it, change reproduction rate, speed, direction, display mode. We can relate to it, creating a game with the myself i was a moment ago – or long before. We can intervene in real time […]

ViSet workshop slides

Here are slides of “Mastering live multimedia show control”  workshop I held on 19th december at Accademia di Belle Arti LABA in Brescia, for ViSet – Creative Europe project.

Opening of Cerdanyola FIT festival

Al 9′ FIT Festival a Cerdanyola, Catalunya
“Augmented Pinocchio” will open next FIT Festival in Cerdanyola (Catalunya) next 26/27 september.

EU ViSet project is starting

I am very pleased to announce that the ViSet project, a new EU-funded project in the field of “virtual stage sets”,  was approved for funding from the Creative Europe programme. Our project is among 4 selected out of 62 projects that were submitted by Italian lead partners; it is one of 37 selected out of 337 […]

Use Kinect for Windows v2 with MacOsX

kinect comparison
Hi, in the following video I show a Kinect v2 for Windows connected to a MacMini running Win8.1. A customized version of KinectV2OSC streams skeleton data to my networked MacBook. There a Vuo patch shows my hands position, and a blue square is triggered when hands distance is low. The same VUO patch gets the […]

Draw on film workshop

Not exactly something hi-tech, but this is the result of the workshop held by Vincenzo Gioanola on the direct draw on film technique, i took part to. The film is the result of the work of all participants.

Next shows: Washington DC, Helsinki

We’re happy to announce that “Augmented Pinocchio” will be staged: QuestFest festival, USA; Anacostia Playhouse 2020 Shannon Place, SE Washington, DC 20020 
202-290-2328 – Wednesday, March 26 2014 @ 8:00pm – 
Thursday, March 27 2014 @ 12:00pm – 
Thursday, March 27 2014 @ 8:00pm Ruutia! festival, Helsinki Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1 A […]

A Vuo plugin for NiMate

A sort of plugin to track skeleton movement in Vuo using NiMate to get data from the Kinect.   References: Download patch